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miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Un fan de 'Toy Story 3' recrea a la perfección el dormitorio de Andy [11 imágenes]

Virtually every detail of the room was captured, right down to the white board next to Andy’s desk that was replicated almost perfectly.
The posters were recreated, and a replica of the dart board was found for $5 at a thrift shop.
The team took an old, broken desk and fixed it up to look just like the desk from the movie.
Some other cool details were taken from this still…
Such as the crescent moon bed backboard…
The electric guitar…
And of course Andy’s room wouldn’t be complete without the famous toy box!
Judging from the room and the movie posters, this live-action film is probably going to be tons of fun, and I'm sure Buzz and Woody would approve. 

Check out their sneak peek HERE.

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