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domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Inventan el 'Selfie Arm', por si ya no era suficientemente ridículo el palo [8 imágenes]

we all know how ridiculous selfie sticks are, but as much as you may not like them they have certainly swept the nation. One man was tired of the embarrassment of carrying around a selfie stick, so he came up with the perfect solution... "The Selfie Arm."
Hailing from Japan, Comedian "Mansoon" has developed an embarrassment free way to take a selfie.
It all began with his elaborate drawings.
Next, he developed the actual hands that hold your phone. But, as you see, there is still a visible stick that needs to be covered up.
So, he designed a custom shirt with long sleeves to cover up the sticks.
As you can see, this method of photography is embarrassment free.
Not only that, the photos show "little" evidence that you're actually using a selfie stick.
A big thank you to Mansooon for finally creating a product that we can all get behind. For that, we are eternally grateful...

Via Distractify

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