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jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

Moose Jaw, el hombre con la mayor colección de Star Wars del mundo [14 imágenes]

Este canadiense presume de tener la mayor colección de artículos de Star Wars. Observa y flípalo en colores:

Photo by Ryan Johnson/CBC
It’s so big that he had to build an addition to his house in Moose Jaw, Sask., just to hold it all, and what he actually keeps at home, is only a quarter of his entire collection.  The rest is stored safely.

Photo by Ryan Johnson/CBC
So far he’s got around 25,000 unique items; 40,000 if you count duplicate items, and that’s only for merchandize from episodes I-VI.  He’s yet to start collecting anything from The Force Awakens, but he’s going to start soon.

Photo by Ryan Johnson/CBC
This is the first time he’s showing his collection off to the media.  Until now, this 42 year old water treatment plant operator, has only shared his collection with family and friends.

To date, he estimates his collection is worth nearly $500,000.

His obsession with Star Wars collecting started when he was a little boy.  At age 5 they moved cities, and the feeling of displacement made him a sad little kid.  So his mom bought him a stormtrooper figure, and it all started there.  He began collecting.

At this point, he’s got 3,000 action figures.
3.000 figuras de acción

1,250 miniatures.
1.250 miniaturas

250 lego sets.
250 construcciones de LEGO

16,000 trading cards, including some rare ones.

He's also got happy meal toys, video games and all the comics, books, and magazines.

He says that he knows most of the Canadian collectors, and believes his is the largest, but it’s only a fraction of what the world largest collection contains.  (FYI - Steve Sansweet of Petaluma, California has over 350K pieces - the Guinness record)

What makes Johnson that much more interesting is that he considers himself a “completist” - which is collector jargon for obsessively striving to get every item of a particular set.  He currently sets aside $1,000 a month for his collection, and he’s starting to tackle the new collectables.

He also had a special bobble head cake topper made for his wedding 5 years ago.  Which is great, because she doesn’t seem to mind his obsession.  She’s a keeper, and Johnson is our hero.


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