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miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Se disfrazan de muñecas victorianas y acojonan a más de un(a) en las calles de Londres [7 imágenes]

Getting to work in the morning in London is horrific enough without the need for anything other than another slow moving tourist walking down the street in front of you. The site of these two creepy Victorian dolls just seems like overkill.

The brainchild of PR firm Taylor Herring as part a promotion for a new Derren Brown inspired ride at the theme park Thorpe Park, the twin dolls were seen at various well known places around London as part of the campaign.

The diminutive ‘girls’ were seen pushing a 19th century style pram and just generally trying to steal people’s souls with their unblinking stare.

The ride itself will open next year and is said to be “the world’s first fully immersive psychological attraction’. One for the family then….

Seen here carrying a miniature version of themselves.


Naturally, people were confused as hell about the whole thing. But took it all in classic London spirit….

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