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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Coger dos ardillas y Photoshopearlas a tope, no tiene precio [18 imágenes]

Man, we can never get enough of these Photoshop battles on Reddit!  Up today; these two squirrels fighting.

Already looks 10x better with light sabres.. we call this Darth Squirrel vs. Kylo Walnut.

Here's the original image.

This Mexican stand-off is just nutty!

Nope, not the nuts he was looking for.

Rap Battle

Look out Van Helsing-von-chubbycheeks!

"And this, my little one, is called 'fire!'"

Game night

Someone is about to get punked!

"And I will zap to back to bikini bottom, Sandy Squirrel!"

The 'we need to talk' face is terrifying in any language, including squirrel.


One quarter of the Fellowship is ready to go.

We're missing a piece!

"Okay, ya bunch of nuts, let's take it from the top!"

There's always that one asshole to tries to mess up your Jenga game.

Probably won't be as bloody, right?

A romantic salsa.

Via Reddit

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