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miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Un artista recrea los posters de famosas películas con lápices de colores y lo peta [20 imágenes]

French graphic designer & artist, Damien Paccalin, combines his two greatest passions in my life of art and cinema, in a spectacular display unlike anything you've ever seen. His movie reproductions are meticulously detailed and show a skill-set with colored pencils that is nothing short of surgical.

E.T. (Above)

Batman v Superman

The Dark Knight

Full Metal Jacket

The eye

The Hulk

Matrix Reloaded



The Dictator

The Dictator



V For Vendetta

The Dark Knight Rises


Silence Of The Lambs

Iron Man 2

The Founder

Batman v Superman

See more of Damien Paccalin's work on his website!

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