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sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

Un chico crea este fabulosos Destructor Imperial de 3 metros con piezas de Lego [12 imágenes]

Imgur user doomhandle is a lawyer that has spent the past year building an impressive 70 lbs Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant. The massive Destroyer is made up an estimated 25,000 pieces and is over 56 inches long. It comes apart to reveal 3 different levels as well as a hangar bay, which holds two TIE Interceptors, a Sentinel-class shuttle, and four probe droids.

ISD Tyrant: Bow

ISD Tyrant: Engine Detail


The bridge with top removed.  The room below the bridge is the captain's cabin.

Level 3: Sith Meditation Chamber 2 with functional door.

Level 2: Overview

Level 2: Ship Operations

Opening up to Level 1 which holds the canteen, barracks, detention center.

Level 1: Hangar Bays

TIE Interceptors: Closeup

Main Hangar

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