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jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

Un chico pone un emulador en una Gameboy y le queda así de chulo [14 imágenes]

After beveling away holes for super nintendo buttons, an actual NES controller was cannibalized to give the GBZ the feel of the concave buttons.

While the hardware to run them is inside the GBZ, the games still play via cartridge. With an SD card glued inside and a Micro SD card holding the roms.

At Worlds End0002



The Raspberry Pi Zero required a lot of patience and squeezing to fit inside. Copper shielding had to be added as the wires jammed together were causing CPU errors.

At Worlds End0004

Once it was running the emulator software detected what was on the SD card and organized alphabetically.


The back panel can still be removed to access the battery, though it has been replaced with a rechargeable Li-ion.

The buttons that are reached via the back panel allow for adjustments to brightness, contrast and color on the LCD screen.

There is also a bluetooth adapter and USB hub in case of future updates.

The final product, comparing the modded rom playing on the GameBoy Zero next to the original cartridge version of Super Mario Land.

You can watch the video demonstration here, and even enter to win one over on his website.

Via SudoMod

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