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viernes, 24 de junio de 2016

Esta peluquera te tiñe de esta forma tan original [11 imágenes]


Su nombre es Ursula Goff. Ha creado tendencia en Instagram con estos originales trabajos sobre el cabello. A continuación, algunos de sus trabajos.





Picasso's "La Reve". It's honestly a little hard to reproduce this level of abstraction, and I caught myself trying to paint things "correctly", like the wallpaper pattern. It still isn't quite wonky enough to match the original, but it gave me a bit more respect for Picasso's ability to throw form to the wind in favor of other concepts, especially considering that he was a very gifted technical artist (seriously, check out the portrait of his mother he did at 15). I still didn't have a good technique down when I completed this one, so it isn't as sharp as i would like, but...I'm not redoing it. Learn more about my methods and products used on my blog at my website www.ursulagoff.com (link in bio) #rainbowhair #picasso #lareve #art #abstractart #expressionism #modernart #behindthechair #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_hairpaint16 #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_rainbow16
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