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sábado, 11 de junio de 2016

Este canadiense se fabricó un escudo real de Capitán América [Vídeo]

If you've never seen any of Canadian super inventor and comic book geek The Hacksmith's videos on YouTube, you need to check them out.  His specialty is in making something he calls "Making it real" videos, where he tries to recreate tech from comic books and comic book movies.  So far he's built Batman's grappling hook, batarangs and he's on his way to building a powered exoskeleton that he's used to lift cars with.  He's like a Canadian Tony Stark without the millions of dollars, ego, drinking problem and crippling PTSD.

He's now turned his attention to making Captain America's electromagnetic shield and gauntlet system, and so far it looks pretty cool!

We've broken down his process into some pretty cool gifs below.

Here's the mechanism at work in the film.

First, he's starting with some commercially available electromagnets that take 12V each, and could lift up to 120 kgs. But of course, he's gonna soup them up to lift even more.

Also, in true Canadian fashion, he's using hockey equipment as his base and adding on a button system to engage and disengage the magnets

Who knew Captain America was sponsored by CCM?

Finally the gauntlet is complete.

Now, time to test!

Yeah, I'd say that works.  He's got them cranked up to 66V each which on it's own will lift 660 Kg.  Since he's got two, the magnets will hold up to 1320 kg, or close to 3000 pounds.

That's pretty badass.

Of course, now he needs a Captain America shield and there's no vibranium in Canada, (you can only get a plastic shield up here.. if it was made adamantium, that'd be a different story), so he got one made by MachinaProps.

Ooooh shiny...


And there we go.  Now he's got his electromagnetic gauntlet, his shield and a cool Captain America jacket.

Now to see if it works.

He's yet to publish his video on how the shield and gauntlet work in full, but he did post some teasers on his Instagram, and it looks pretty amazing.

You can see the whole video below or click HERE! to watch it.

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