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domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

La última moda es decorar tus ventanas con Post-It [12 imágenes]

If you work in an office, chances are there are some post-it notes in your near vicinity. But what these offices do with them is stuff of sheer genius. Instead of writing messages on the post-it itself, these building occupants use it to creatively taunt one another from across the street. It all started innocently enough as an employee at Harrison and Star wrote a simple "hi" and got the ball rolling. Both buildings house a number of marking and media agencies so the creative juices that lay within these offices are at an all time high, and the post-it battle commenced. 

It all started with an innocent "HI" on the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in New York City.

The building across the street at 200 Hudson replied with a simple "SUP?"

These simple gestures eventually turned into a war to see who can out do the other.

The windows immediately started filling up with funny pictures and hilarious messages.  That Ghostbusters logo is quite impressive.

The Snapchat logo even made an appearance. Speaking of Snapchat, follow us to watch all our office shenanigans at  username: theCHIVE.

Others decided to work on their own and took a more random approach.

Even the Angry Birds made a cameo.

Post-it manufacturer 3M also provided free ammunition for the colorful war.

As the snowball kept getting bigger, it seemed nobody would come out on top.

Not even the Amazing Spider-Man could bring the battle to an end.

Enter Havas Worldwide who decided to bring this war to an end with this epic mic drop.

They even turned it into a GIF and emailed to everyone in the building across the way as the final shot was fired. 

This ended the battle as building managers ordered all participants to have everything taken down by the weekend. Good times though people, way to keep it fun at work. 

via Twisted Sifter

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