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martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Así eran los catálogos de juguetes en 1988 [16 imágenes]

The 1985 Argos Christmas Catalogue may be 30 years old but it’s packed full of things that I must have right now and would definitely play with all the time. 

Lets take a trip down memory lane and revel in some old-timey childhood goodness:

All the fun of the computer game without any of the fun of the computer game.

I had no idea Domino could be so exciting!

Looking at the size of these badboys I understand why my Maths teacher was so sure I wouldn’t have a calculator in my pocket when I grew up.

I have no idea what a “Graphic Equalizer’ is but I must have it!

A game and a watch? It’s basically an iPhone.

Solar power-It’s the future. Yesterday.

He-Man. Awesome.

This is way classier than any laptop case you can get today. It was a simpler time. A better time.

The legend that is the Casio Keyboard.

Lego shall outlast us all.

I think we peaked with these personal computers. Everything else we have now just gets in the way. Who really needs the Internet? Seriously.

I would not be unhappy with a Thomas the Tank Engine train set today. If I had a girlfriend, I’d ask her for it.
And that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend.

A Boombox with stand alone speakers. So 80’s. So good.

These are probably worth way more now. That Millennium Falcon looks so sweet.

Naturally, pretty much all these products need batteries. About a grand’s worth.

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