Los disfraces de Halloween para embarazadas más alucinantes [52 imágenes]

Esta noche se celebra Halloween y todo el mundo se quiere apuntar.
Estar embarazada, en principio, puede parecer un problema a la hora de elegir un disfraz, pero lo cierto es que, con un poco de imaginación, puede resultar hasta una ventaja para lograr el mejor disfraz de todos.
A continuación te mostramos los disfraces de Halloween para embarazadas más alucinantes. Mira y flipa:
My Pregnant Friend Won For Best Costume This Year
A Friend Having Some Fun With Her Pregnancy
Baby Crawler
Ripe Avocado
Baby Bird In My Belly
BB-8 (Baby-8) Pregnant Costume
Juno & Bleeker
We Didn't Want Our Unborn Child To Miss Halloween
My Pregnant Belly As An E.T. Dress Up Costume
Monsters Inc
Cutest Pregnant For Halloween Costume
Snoopy Costume
Krang And Shredder Have Captured Master Splinter
Best Pregnant Halloween Costume Ever
Halloween Unicorn
Passed Out After Having A Cold One...
Pot Of Gold At The End Of A Rainbow
Pokemon Egg Hatching
Wonder Woman
Didn't Have To Many Options...
Bun In The Oven
Maternity Cow & Farmer
My Pregnant Friend's Costume For Halloween
This Scarecrow Picked The Most Precious Pumpkin In The Patch
Mama Bird Sitting On Egg Costume
Who Says Pregnant Women Can't Have Fun At Halloween
Beach Time
Deviled Eggs
The Hormones Made Me A Little Hairy
Road Worker
Gumball Machine
Thought You Would Enjoy This Soon To Be Uk Fan
Monsters, Inc.
Cat In The Hat-inspired Things Costumes.
Death Star
Jack Skeleton
Oversize Load
Baby Certainly Won't Go Hungry
An Astronaut And The Moon.
Yabito (yet Another Bun In The Oven)
Cat With Fishbowl
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Pregnant Zombie...I Offended A Few People
See-Through Sonogram Belly
Zombie Baby
Sunny Side Up
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