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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Se construyó una auténtica casa de mago. Le quedó así de espectacular [17 imágenes]

In the heart of Ashland, Oregon there exists a one-of-a-kind, beautiful home nestled in the foothills of mountain ranges and surrounded by picturesque rivers. Blessed with beautiful weather year round, this magical house is custom designed from head to toe and is situated on 700 acres of land.

As you approach the giant carved front door of this house, you'll notice it's made of Brazilian mahogany, that was designed in a traditional Native American theme. Both the outer and inner doors depict animals of the region including salmon, coyotes, and eagles.

Inspired by nature and built to reflect the beauty of the land, this 8,880 sq. ft. home is itself a piece of art. Completed in 2016, the entire structure is built with rounded edges and graceful curves to reflect the organic flow of natural surfaces. Step inside into a one-of-a-kind foyer with a granite floor reminiscent of the sandy shore at the edge of a river. Above, the ceiling is tiled in a beautiful blue stone the color of the open sky.

As you move forward from the door you’ll see a custom-designed hardwood floor that flows like water.

Instead of normal railings, these stairs are flanked by intricately hand-carved bannisters that look like they’re growing right out of the steps.


Light cascades in from the giant glass window as you follow the winding stairs higher and higher.


The fireplace in the living room itself is an incredible spectacle, inlaid with a glass mosaic of two dragons intertwined, their bodies creating the shape of a heart.

The kitchen, features natural Manzanita tree trunks which support an oversized granite island. It is a beautiful naturally lit room that is perfect for both cooking and entertaining.

beautiful wizard home 5 A home fit for a wizard just went on the market (17 Photos)

A number of windows here and throughout the house are in the shape of clouds, which again gives off the feel of nature inside.

beautiful wizard home 1 A home fit for a wizard just went on the market (17 Photos)

Upstairs, the master suite overlooks the valley with incredible views from a wall of windows.


The cedar ceiling gives the room the feeling of a spacious treehouse with the most spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.


And the cost of this beauty you ask? Well as of now it will set you back about 8.2 million dollars.

Is it worth it?

Via Littlethings & Zillow

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