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viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

Un padre construye estas casas de fantasía para sus hijos [18 imágenes]

When you were a kid, I bet all you ever wanted was a place that was your own; a playhouse, a tree fort, some sort of hideaway, where you can day dream and let your imagination run wild. 

Well, a Lethbridge, Alberta dad just elevated himself to the coolest dad in the world, by a making a living out of building tiny play houses.

Carpenter Tyler Leavitt, while working as a landscaper, had a crazy idea to start building custom playhouses, as most of the yards he worked on were pretty boring and had nowhere for kids to play.  

So he started a company called Charmed Playhouses, and began building playhouses, with his kids as the chief playhouse-testers.

What started as a company of 3, now employs 15, and thus far have built 20 custom play houses.  He's got clients all over North America, building houses that range from $7,000 to $100,000.

He's also going to have a show on TLC.  Not too shabby for an Alberta boy, with an idea.

His secret is the customization.  He doesn't just build any old play shed, but sits with the families and the kids and makes custom, fantasy dream homes in miniature form.

And even though the kids may grow out of the tiny little turrets, he suspects that adults get a kick out them too.

You can zip over to his Instagram to see his work, but we've got the best stuff here below.

The builds can be a simple as a house and a swing set

The detail is amazing!

This one's got a haunted house/Harry Potter Shrieking Shack vibe.

Or this modern take.

Complete with play kitchen.

And horse swings.

All the pieces are made at his workshop and then then shipped an assembled on site.

Now that's gorgeous!

Or the builds can get a little more fantastical.

For example, these plans are for a special little girl, by the name Riley Curry

He also does tree houses.

Rapunzel's castle.

A Hafling/Hobbit play house

And of course, pirate ship!

I feel like I'm a kid again!  Who wants to Truffle Shuffle up to that playhouse with me?  On three! 

"Goonies never say die!"

Oh to be a kid again!

H/T Distractify

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