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martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

Humor: Los peores selfies de la historia.

Los selfies se han convertido en algo tan habitual en nuestras vidas, que ya no nos sorprenden los posados y postureos artificiales que inundan nuestras redes sociales.
Pero no siempre salen como nosotros queremos. Si vas a hacerte un selfie, revísalo bien antes de compartirlo en internet, porque muchas veces, te pueden jugar una mala pasada.

A continuación, vas a ver una colección de selfies que pasarán a la historia por ser realmente desafortunados.

Mira y échate unas buenas risas:

Spider Photo-Bombs A Selfie

I May See A Better Selfie Of A Man, A Baby And A Dog This Month But I Doubt It

Even This Dog Is Sick Of Her Selfies

Mama's Big Boy

When You See It

Selfie Background Fail

Mirror Selfie. Look Closely

Reflection Fail

Australian Police Have Had Enough Of Your Shit

Little Girl Selfie Gets Photobombed By Bear-Like Father

You Could Have Left Something In The Shower

Some Friends Took A Picture And Later Realized That The People In The Background Were Stuffing A Baby In A Cannon

Aww My Boyfriend Is So Sweet! Sneaking In Shower Shots Of Me

Just Me, Myself And I

When You See It

So Happy With My New Hair

Yeah Sis', Another Selfie... Great Idea

Sneaky Selfie

Little Brother Fail

Three People, One Webcam

My And My Friend's Selfie In The Train

Unfortunate Spelling

Selfie Background Fail

When You See It

Mirror Reflection

When You See It

This Sneaky Shadow

When You See It

Selfie Background Fail

Mirror Reflection

Just A Quick Selfie Before I Start My Day

Took A Selfie, Got A Surprise

Went To Take A Selfie With The Dogs And...

That's An Odd Table Centerpiece

That "What A Hell Is She Doing?" Look

My Friend Just Posted The Best Selfie I've Ever Seen

Squad Selfie

Selfie With Grandma

Selfie Fail

This Sneaky Shadow

Selfie With Friends

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