Un chico empleó 3 días en construir esta figura y un niño, sólo 3 segundos en destrozarla.

En Ningbo (China), un chico llamado Zhao empleó 3 días completos en completar la construcción de esta figura de Zootopia con figuritas de LEGO.
Cuando lo expuso, un niño, digamos inquieto, se acercó a la figura y tardó sólo 3 segundos en dejarla hecha mierda. A continuación os mostramos las imágenes del antes y el después.
In Ningbo, China an artist named Zhao spent three long days and nights building a life-size replica of Nick Wilde the fox from the film 'Zootopia' only to see the fruits of his labor spoil in a matter of moments. The replica lego statue cost $15,000 to complete and was comprised of thousands of lego bricks, but it only took a kid seconds to walk up to the exhibit and destroy it by "accidentally" pushing it over just one hour after the exhibition opened in the shopping center. 

Allegedly, the kid climbed under the security ropes (this is starting to sound eerily like another heated news story that happened earlier this week) for a closer look and then...TIMBER! The kids' parents offered to compensate Zhao but the artist respectfully declined & instead accepted that unfortunate accidents happen. I'm not going to go into a rant about parents who fail to watch over their kids, but in the wake of recent incidents, maybe kid leashes aren't such a bad concept after-all.
boy destroys lego fox exhibit statue 1 Guy spends 3 days working on fox lego statue, kid demolishes it in 3 seconds (5 Photos)
The finished product. At least Zhao got a photo first.
Just an hour after its completion...
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