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lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Humor: Captaron a esta estudiante dormida en la biblioteca y la trollearon a tope con Photoshop.

Desde luego, un@ ya no puede ni echar un sueñecito a gusto. Cuando tienes unos compañeros de clase que son unos cabroncetes, no puedes fiarte para nada.

Fotografiaron a esta chica dormida, fundida durante los exámenes. No dudaron en subirlo a la red y trollearla con Photoshop. Échate unas buenas risas con las composiciones que han hecho. Son descacharrantes:

Foto original:

Comienza el trolleo:

Finishing Move

Break It Down!

Tired Of This Shit

Art Junkie

Dancing With Michael Jackson

The Thinker

Calm Sleep...

In The University Library


Flamingo Harmony

Sleepdances With Wolves

Yoga Level - Beginner

Just Chillin


Back Scratching Monkeys

Break Dance

Nevermind... Nirvana Backstage Party 1989

Gotta Catch 'em All

The Twiststatue

A Little Bit Sleep In Olympic

Asleep At The Helm

The Queen's Problem Child

Forever You Are A Child Of Your Mother

The Lion Queen

A New Girlfriend For Genie.

Synchro Sleeping

She'll Be In The 2020 Olympics For Sure


Break Dancing

All The Sleepin' Ladies


Bow For The Japanese Emperor


Not Now Dad!!!!

Woman In The Moon

"get Up Trinity, Get Up....i Mean Wake Up!!!"

Boring Ride

City Lights


No Time To Sleep ! Fire Alarm !

La Pieta Girl

Les Demoiselles Are Bored On The Seine

You Can Be Free!

Go~ Sleepie

Drunken Master

Stiff Drink


A Nightmare At The University

Sleeping Against The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Sleepy Vs. Mr. Smith

Twistin' The Night Away


Harambe Cuddle

Didn't She Do Well...

Stranger Dreams

Ghostbusters: Sleepy Slimer

The Birth Of Venus

Sleeping Blanka Rolling Attack!

Don't Fall Asleep In The Wasteland

Jin Yong Miss Dragon




When She Says She'll Be Ready In Five Minutes And You've Been Waiting For An Hour

The Force Is Strong In This One

No Sleeping While Driving

You Shall Not Sleep

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha You Mad Or Nah?

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